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Distorted kids Malmøe


Välkommen till malmö

We run this town, we run Malmøe, we run this City.

– Black shirt
– Made in Sweden

The model is 183cm tall, and wearing a size medium.


Sold out
Send us an email if you want us to restock.

This is our city, you and me.

Malmøe is the future, and it's what the Distorted Kids call home .. until we can move to Tokyo that is.

Malmøe is like Tokyo, but with a little more crime, swedes, taxes, bad weather and less japanese people, good tasting food, vending machines on every corner. But other than that, Malmøe is the place to be.

If you can't go to Tokyo, go to Malmøe is what we're trying to say.


The process

We design things we want to wear ourselfs, if you like it, that's good, but we know you will love it.

Traveling the world has led us to many small and dark cellars with amazing clothing, but most often there's something missing in the design, so we take the inspiration back with us home, and remake it into something we'd wear.

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